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So I'd like ya'll to meet someone special to me She makes me happy She's most definitely the full meaning of the word-lovely There's nothing like a blast of oxygen straight to the brain when I'm on her I'm full throttle it's a sense for us both that drives us insane she's fast and she's loud when I'm with her I live fast and I stay proud Don't mistake our kindness for weakness love us or leave us don't get me wrong we love to play but at the same time don't get in our way All we ask is to give us our peace cause our days are endless and our nights are sleepless just so you know I alway have my piece Get on the back hold on tight she's never jealous as you start to feel rebellious be ready for one hell of a night I gave her the name obsession cause I knew I had to have her it was love n lust at first sight as her wheels spin and gain traction she's knows tonight your the main attraction She gives me this reality it's like I go from being a building inspector by day to being a body inspector by night it's like this multiple personality I call him Carmine I'm hers and she's mine she so devine As you hear my footsteps hitting the floor as I walk out the door it's been a great session but the one I love is waiting I call her Obsession
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Without the picture, I wouldn't have been able to know this was using a motorcycle as the main image I should be picturing; but when I reached the line about the wheels it become revealed. Nice
@greggr ya that's her ha. thanks for reading!
Nice metaphor, I've would have thought a hot woman, lolz!!
Looks a like a smaller version of my gorgeous sexy Honda Cool Candy Red CTX700! Check it out! it's Caliente!
Pretty color too!