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Hi I made this yesterday 12/8/14. Kids loved the cute bears! The bear and stars are a peanut butter sandwich and I used cookie cutters for their shape. The orange balls are Cantaloupe with powder chillie. Next to the Cantaloupe is potato salad. And last is a simple salad and cheese! I hope you all have or had a good lunch. ◆○◆○◆○◆○◆○ Gigi ◆○◆○◆○◆○◆ (≧∇≦)
The polar bear is adorable and the red scarf is so creative!
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Omg! That scarf on the polar bear is the cutest thing I've ever seen. What is it made out of? Big fan of your bento ♥
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@iluvdurian31 Lol! I didn't put that on there! The scarf is out of a Strawberry fruit Roll.
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I want a bear sandwich too!
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Perfect of this season!
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