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It's like downhill survival kit at the convenience of a small pouch!! There's also a deluxe kit! I need this! Check out the link on the bottom for more info. 53 Piece Small Road Rash Kit This sweet portable mini Road Rash Kit contains everything you need for your typical injury when you’re shredding it up!  (for 1-2 people) http://localhoneyboards.com/store/accessories/small-road-rash-kit/ http://localhoneyboards.com/store/accessories/large-road-rash-kit/
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this kit is da real MVP! Lmao
3 years ago·Reply
and it's got honey too?
3 years ago·Reply
Ya know I haven't even thought of keeping a first aid kit with me.
3 years ago·Reply
is that a condom in the center?
3 years ago·Reply
@MattEup I don't think so o.o
3 years ago·Reply