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The title says it all: What was the worst anime you ever watched? Mine was bokura ga ita--it was a shoujo one, but too dramatic for my liking (i didn't like the manga either).
i am in love with this anime :) but to each his own. the story depicts a life event so true that it is a bit too dramatic for an anime :)
@marcellejoann~ there are plenty out there that can be considered worse :) I think i didn't like BGI b/c it was way too angsty for my liking. Everything that could possible go wrong did and it took 10 years for things to get resolved. I actually read the series after the mangaka continued it after a three year hiatus. I liked the ending, but I could've done with less angst. Yeah, life can be craptastic, but I have real life for that. I like to escape from it during my anime and manga time, but that's just me :)
bokura ga ita is not the worst anime, its an anime that should ba watched by peole
I gave it a try but 2mins in the anime...stop!
its getting a live action movie with Ikuma in it. maybe it will be better
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