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This was inspired by @neostar86. It's pretty basic and I tried playing with the seaweed by cutting emoji expressions. That's the best I can do right now. Also, I couldn't fit everything in a little box because I thought it wouldn't fill me up. I should try to balance it out next time, but for now this is my first bento styling! Excited to eat this for lunch! From left to right: cilantro soy sauce soba, rice ball with furikake, and potato salad (made with corn, broccoli, and mayo).
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@iluvdurian I love this! Nothing is basic about bento! Feel proud of this! cuz it looks so yummy! Your potato salad sounds so good!
@neostar86 All thanks to you. I only realized how great of effort and skill it takes to make bentos like yours after trying it out myself. Looking forward to learn more from you. :)
looks good. did u use sushi rice?
Those bento emojis are adorable!
@YolandaEngland No, I actually used normal rice and mixed the rice balls with rice vinegar and furikake. I should try making sushi rice next time! :) Also, thanks everyone for your nice comments! Greatly appreciate it!