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I have a Bachelor's Degree in Film Production - attended school in Southern California, and have lived and worked in the greater Los Angeles area for nearly 10 years now. I've worked on countless sets doing everything from building dolly track (has to be perfectly level) to operating film and HD cameras - to rigging the lights, managing the camera and lighting crews (Director of Photography), to directing. It's hard not to love a career in the film industry if like me, you enjoy constant puzzles and challenges that require you to come up with solutions on the fly - all the while keeping the bigger picture of what you and the rest of the crew you are working with is trying to accomplish. There are sometimes a thousand things happening behind the scenes just for a few seconds of film. But what those few seconds can accomplish towards establishing the reality of your film and pulling the audience in - allowing them to suspend their disbelief and immerse themselves in the experience and spectacle that is the heart of the entertainment industry - this is priceless and worth all of the hard work. EPK - Electronic Press Kit - is industry speak for - behind the scenes. When you shoot EPK you're wearing two hats - first you're documenting what is happening behind the lights and the cameras - where the magic is made - and second you are helping the marketing and future public relations efforts of your film. Think of the photographers who stepped onto the original Star Wars set in 1975 - they thought they were shooting pictures of some silly science fiction movie that probably wouldn't even get completed. I know because I've spoken to one of them. And what he saw and took photos of - he knew he had been wrong. He is proud that he was there to see history be made. This is what EPK is - it's all the cables and stands and mess that you never see in the frame of the movie camera. It's the men and women behind the curtains pulling the levers to make the improbable seem probable. In this collection I'll take you on a journey into the fun and the reality of how movies, TV shows, music videos, etc... are made. I'm going to warn you... if you don't want the magic taken away - skip over this collection. I've had several family members tell me I've ruined movies for them. They now look for things that they wouldn't have looked for before. And this takes them out of the movie. I don't want to ruin anyone's experience. So seriously... if you don't want to know how movies are made - leave now. :D
Awesome introduction to EPX! I can tell this is going to be a great collection @JonPatrickHyde so I'm really excited to see what you have in store for us!
Excited for this collection. I actually have a friend who works for Warner Bros as a production assistant and she tells me lots of stories from behind the scenes. I'm a visual person, so it's nice to have pictures to accompany the story.
I am in and I am really looking forward 2 this definitely something I want 2 c @JonPatrickHyde thanks 4 making this collection i am looking forward to more cards from this collection.
Tell me more! I want all my movies ruined for me. Lolol jk @jonpatrickhyde Looking forward to the future of this collection
What an awesome collection - and a great introduction! I've had some behind-the-scenes experience in production myself, but I've been out of the loop for a while so I'm excited to learn more about what currently goes on in that world!