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mini zombie hawgs??
I was wondering if anyone has ridden them and what their opinions are on them? Do they wear to fast? How do they slide? Easily? Thane a lot? Hold a slide good? Just wondering because I'm thinking about getting them for my next board
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@SteveLee772 I don't know if it's my weight (190lbs.) or how fast I like to go, but they thane perty good for me. even in the cold
3 years ago·Reply
Probably your speed. Zombies are meant for lower speeds. @KTM2014 check out Boss Hawgs if you're gonna go fast
3 years ago·Reply
I like square lips for going fast. I only use slide wheels when I'm trying to do some long slides. The boss's look skinnier anyway. And they're the same size...
3 years ago·Reply
Sounds like I'm going to have to get em for my next board.
3 years ago·Reply
Yes. Get them. @RichardSchafer you can run round lipped wheels for fast freeride, especially when they're center set aka more grip @KTM2014
3 years ago·Reply