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all these young hipsters think they have swag cussing out there teachers while they sag thinking their fads are bigger then there bad ... habits doing freestyles in the hall when they can't even get an A in English class WHAT ARE YOU DOING? because what your doing now won't get you no where people these day worry less about deadlines and more about their hair when their shoes are fresher than there attitudes these kids these days Are growing up bad in a world that has become sad .... when really its are fault kids learning from kids in this messed up world we live
Just remember, since you're already clearly seeing these mistakes, you're so far ahead of these people you're talking about :)
I noticed a few accidental misspellings (are as our, etc.) but I love the message of this one @RobertStriker ! I'm "older" aka out of school already, so when I look now at who and what I see growing up I wonder if we aren't making some big mistakes