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Tao and a Korean Member RUMORED to be Leaving EXO in 2015

BEFORE READING THIS: This is a RUMOR and there is no confirmation from SM or any for the EXO members. Please do not panic - this is TOTALLY a rumor, and you can take it how you will. I did none of the translating, this is all from another source. Thank you. Taken from One Hallyu: "Today, there are rumours of Tao and a Korean member soon leaving EXO, rumours first started circulating over Weibo and later in the day escalated to Sina. The original post was at 9:46 am today (I don't know what time zone maybe China). It said that Tao is leaving EXO posted by: Poster is a verified entertainment critic account, 500k followers, I don't know if that number of followers is big in weibo context. The post itself was popular: it has been reblogged 7730 times with over 9000 comments in less than a day. Later in the day another account posted: Quote Next year two members are leaving EXO: one Chinese and one Korean. The group disbandment is not long away. The second account is also a verified entertainment critic account whatever that means. 724k followers. This post is not as popular as the previous one when I checked the reblogs (only 1k reblogs) source: Maybe because too many people talked about it on Weibo today so in the afternoon an article about Tao leaving EXO appears on Sina. The article described how the rumours have spread and that SM has no response. (source: ) First time making a thread let me know if it's already discussed somewhere. I don't know what all of the above means but because it is reported by Sina now I am very curious. I can't find discussion about within international fans anywhere (I cannot read Chinese). please share if you have more information."
Whoa. I don't care what happens with the band, I just want the members themselves to be happy. If that means no EXO, then so be it. Even though I am a huge fan I would rather not have EXO than have to see the boys I love be unhappy on stage. They are all talented, but no one should be force to be unhappy. If they want this, then I support them.
I agree with @honeysoo It is all about their happiness so if they are unhappy as EXO I want them to do whatever they need to to be happy! Hopefully this is just a rumor and no one is really unhappily leaving the company :( I wonder who the rumored Korean member could be??
I honestly wouldn't doubt it I heard a rumor that the remaining two Chinese members of exo are going to leave and join luhan and Kris and form a group together and promote in their home country.
i actually nvr had problem if each band member wants to go its own seperate way well dats just me i guess everyone is dfrnt i have learned to respect every single individual decisions to lead to its own professional life in which they can be happy we really need to stop judging and questioning and start accepting and respecting each other and I am with these boys whatever they choose to do.
Worst year for K-Pop omfg...
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