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Going out on my longboard helps me relieve any stress. Just being out there, with the wind and the speed, the cars passing, it just feels so nice. To think of all the places we could see and the scars we make later on as souvenirs. Even thinking of all that really helps if I ever have stress that needs to be let out. Longboarding has been a part of my life for nearly two years and I've had a fall several months ago where I couldn't ride for a couple of months til I got a helmet. But longboarding is just so soothing and is one of the reasons that I'm just so happy all the time. It's great.
Gotta love typos! and all those cats going by lol @StarlordTerry
It's so stress relieving I love it
I hear you man I took a really bad fall on my board going over 30 mph back in July/August and I'm just barely recovering! my whole leg was jacked but I still love to ride. I get shaky on top of big hills still sometimes but there's nothing like it!
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