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All EXO-L read this! It would make you happier! I promise ☺️ Fret no more! Even if it might not be true. At least someone out there is optimistic. :)
I literally started crying
Well it was something to think about at least. Say SM finally gets their act together and treats them all better. Maybe it needs to happen. If they leave many of the fans would be upset thus they would lose many fans and they make their profit from the fans...but yeah. It pissed me off how SM's statement was that Luhan was only thinking of his personal gain. -_-
Lol i highly doubt it XD im the biggest EXO-L and i dont wish for Kris or Luhan to come back and i wouldn't even be sad if other members do the's too selfish of us to want them to stay and suffer...i would be happy to see EXO with members that actually want to be there and are willing to accept the shitload amount of work and sleepless days
Awe :/