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So a few friends and I plan on longboarding down The Dragon's Tail out in North Carolina, but none of us are quite sure what wheels and such to get to ensure that we don't get speed wobbles. And on top of that, we don't know how much the gear will cost. Any help or suggestions?
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also make sure your bearings are tight into your wheels and not crooked and the nut is tight enough to restrict side to side motion of the wheel but not tight enough to damage bearings
@BrendonHolmes You should look into getting some bearing spacers, they let you tighten your wheel all the way in without constricting your bearings.
@steezus yea, a few of us are going to save up money and then about a month beforehand we're going to go out and buy it all. @VictorEnriquezJ yea man, it's definitely not fun to bust your face open going downhill. I figured we'd go around it the day before and look at it all.
Bro. do you even drift?
what board do you have now?