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Yes, he did say that. The reason? It is very simple. Magic is a smart businessman. He knows that in the NBA, the worst thing to be is a team with bloated salary and a middling roster. That is what players do not understand. They want to win now so they try to force their teams to add pieces to stop the bleeding. But in order to really stop the bleeding, you need to bite the bullet for a few years and build to something special. The Lakers, though, are an interesting case because they have Kobe who is at the end of his tenure. I am sure that is putting pressure on management to not make him a loser in last couple of years. He doesn't only want to be there for the ride, he wants to be young enough and good enough to say he led the championship run.
I enjoy every bit a Lakers loss so keep the losses coming please.
@EightyNine Hornets and Jazz are also pretty bad...
@Goyo they are right at that 5th spot! I think they have a decent chance especially with the 76ers and Twolves, Detroit, and the Knicks below them.
@EightyNine I am not sure they are good enough to get out of the Top 5, even if Kobe really wants it... @TrueBruin what other hope does he have?
Magic wants that pick! Lol
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