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parking garage time!

There's a parking garage right across from the hotel balcony. I watched it empty and the cops leave so we bombed it! We cruised to the skatepark too but the pics didn't come out, it was too dark. Trust me we shredded!
Parking garages are the best
@TreyChiri @VictorEnriquezJ We had car probs in New York so we didn't go to philly, we had to head back home to Missouri. Didn't get to skate as much as I wanted on the trip for sure, but we'll film some shut one day I'm sure lol
looking forward to it @AlbertDeCastro
I'll be willing to check that out!!@AlbertDeCastro
@VictorEnriquezJ Ithica, NY. I'll be here till Saturday then I'll be in philly for 2 days. If the snow stays away I'll keep skating! I should have a gopro edit after maybe
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