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I really do not understand this. I feel like these agents have way too much power because of desperate owners. Every owner is trying to appease a hungry fan base, and they outbid themselves into stupid positions. Right now there are 4 teams in the running for Lester, with a "mystery" team in the background. What does that even mean??? Who is to say that this mystery team is just a figment of the imagination? Then there is Max Scherzer. He is represented by Scott Boras (who might be a despicable human being, but is damn good at his job). Boras essentially is even using the age of owners (yes, Mike Ilitch) to sell his player. But what I wonder is, don't these owners know that they have been burned by these promises before? "This is the guy to get you the championship, I know it" => how many times can these owners here this before they start thinking "maybe he is lying to me" lol
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Should have payed the man!
@EightyNine That is true but what are middling arms getting now? Miller (a reliever) just 36 million, and Robertson just got 46 million. Essentially Robertson was going to be paid what Lester was offered... as a one-inning reliever! The market prices dictated that the Red Sox offer a lot more than what they did, even if Lester, in their eyes, only deserved to be considered a middling innings eating pitcher
@Goyo Decent numbers but people forget that he wasn't seen as a top pitcher. He didn't even make this list even in the honorable mentions section. The Redsox had the best offense that year so the pitching staff had a lot of comfortable leads. The ERA was not in the top 10 for AL pitchers and people expected the Red Sox to just hand him a top 10 pitcher contract at the time? Hindsight is 20/20. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1661589 I don't think the 2013-2014 season helped anyone more than him.
@EightyNIne he was 15-8 with a 3.75 era and 200+ innings. That my friend is no mediocre year. That is not cy young worthy but he was definitely a top pitcher, especially considering that he was playing in one of the toughest divisions (at that time)
@GOyo I think it's important to remember though that when they offered him that contract he was coming off a mediocre year. He just killed it last year but yes they definitely had a set number in mind and wasn't going to budge. I think they were better off laying off of that contract.
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