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Feel free to add in your favorites!!! "You Who Came From The Stars:" This drama had so many romantic scenes it is hard to narrow them down. But one of our favorites is the time-freeze kiss-scene on the frozen lake. Kim Soo Hyun said it was his favorite too. Part of what makes it special is that she does not even realize it happened! (Start video at 2:10) "Fated To Love You:" When Jang Nara is hurt, her neighbor Choi Jin Hyuk applies an adhesive bandage. When Jang Hyuk notices the bandage on his sleeping wife, he jealously declares it tacky and replaces it with one of his own. The bandage winds up in their baby scrapbook. "My Spring Day:" Before seeing the drama the idea of Kam Woo Sung and Choi Sooyoung as a couple did not excite the imagination, but they were so sweet together that the scene of their hospital wedding was a tearjerker. They may not be together forever, it said, but forever can be found in a moment. "A Secret Love Affair:" Yoo Ah In and Kim Hee Ae playing the piano together was electric. And although the music genius and his much-older piano teacher go on to have a more physical and forbidden affair, their musical duo summed up the reasons they had to be together, no matter what it cost them.
The Love From Another Star one actually broke my heart :(
Pinocchio is my favorite as of now
You Who Came From The Stars for sure!!!!
Yeah sis@MasriDaniela and I liked alot that he always fainted
@christy @nonabisi remember !!!!
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