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"ooo look a penny"
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@RichardSchafer its not like you cant get hurt wearing regular pads. at least he has on protection. hell, knee pads arent even the most important part of protecting yourself while riding
@BrendonHolmes I know I was just saying that from what I heard g forms are horrible for protection and that regular pads are a whole lot better
Rofl @brendonholmes g form or made for medium speeds. I mean if you are going 30+ I'd never wear them but anything slowere then that with the right sized pads that are exponentially better then any direct kinetic pads
you should look up HOW g form protects. it is a reactive foam that stops impact. people only get hurt with it because they think trying to slide out of a crash on foam is a good idea.
G form is the number 1 pad mountain bikers uses haha that should tell you all you need to know