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Olney: Robertson, Samardzija a Necessity for ChiSox
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NY Yankees keep losing players to other teams??.. That is a new one. Well they have lost their closer David Robertson to the White Sox. On the same day, the ChiSox also were able to get Jeff Samardzija from the Athletics. So then, the question is: does this make the White Sox contenders in the Central? I know that Olney said in this report that the AL Central is becoming a powerhouse, but I am not sure I buy into that. I still see the White Sox as too much of an unknown, the Indians are too unreliable, the Tigers are still not a true powerhouse (and will lose players), and the Royals still need to prove they are not a one-hit wonder.
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All of the teams in Central are adding good players and a lot of good pitching is in there now. Not sure if the White Sox will have enough even if their talent progresses but it seems like it will be a tough division to win or predict
@EightyNine I completely agree. I wonder what the tigers will have to pay in order to keep Scherzer, which now seems like a must. Somewhere, Scott Boras must be as happy as hell...