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I'm digging the board but idk if I want blue or purple cals. And I may change my mind on the wheels by the time I can afford it.
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@RichardSchafer My problem is the opposite a little. I have a pretty good job, but most of the money I have goes to paying for college, transportation from work/school, phone bill, food for the week, and credit cards. If I'm lucky, every other month or so, I may have a few extra cash to buy a new set of trucks or wheels or something, but that's about it.
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@MichaelNieves I just wish some rich family member of mine would leave me a lot of money in their will so when they pass away I can have some money. Lol. Sounds kind bad but I have some greedy rich family members
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@RichardSchafer Who knows how long that will take! The best you can do is just save up and you get a decent job soon!
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