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So who's gonna get Landyatchz's mystery box or has already ordered theirs? I can't wait for mine to come in but I'm also scared cause they say no gaurantees so what if I don't get a board? What if I only get a board and no trucks or wheels? What if I only get apparel? Aaaaaaaaaaaagh I'm anxious!!! People talk to me... Ugh I also have to finish a whole project tonight! I'm pretty stressed I need clear,warmer, & windless weather. Oh and I also ordered a pair of Janoskis they could come in Friday! @BenKaplan @EugeneAlcantar
Saw some kid get a pintail and street trucks, good luck though lol
I like how it's all a mystery, you'll probably get a deck, and trucks or wheels.
fuck yeah janoskis <3
That's why I can't do it I would be so pissed if I didn't like what I got
I bought the $150 bro but the shipping was $20 dollars I wish it could have been free shipping.
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