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I have a huge love/hate with December. Put all the Christmas shopping and money and what not aside, it's football madness month. December is always the busiest time of the year for clubs in Europe because of the cups, Champions League, and Boxing Day (a day the entire league plays). For example, in England the schedule is: 1st Week: Mid-week league games Weekend: League Games 2nd Week: Mid-week Champions League & Europa League Weekend: League Games 3rd Week: Mid-week League Cup 5th Round Weekend: League Games 26th: Boxing Day games, everyone plays Final Week: Mid-Week League Games Weekend: FA Cup 3rd Round December is where the league mixes itself up thanks to injuries, fatigue, and general madness in terms of the number of games. Then this January we still have the FA Cup and Africa Cup of Nations! The problem is I can't watch it all. :'( But the glory of the sport is on full display these next 31 days and it's great to sit back and watch it unfold.