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In Bobby's "YGGR" the lyrics say "You guys have a long way to go. Boy group rappers come on stage with a clock dance. If you're tone deaf, go practice." This might be towards VIXX and their 'clock' choreography for "Eternity". Ravi answered back with a non-diss track: "That's right I'm an idol But you're also a f*ckin' idol Others think it's the same, but this diss battle pretending to be different You want to lash out because it's disgusting, right? I admit that I'm the rapper of the boygroup with the clock dance But I'm not tone deaf, you little boy I left my house and hustle every night too Yeah I'm envious, holding the 'Show Me' trophy at 20 years old And a career chewing up melons All of that still pre-debut You say it like a habit, just hate on Bobby But I don't give a f*ck I don't want to fight you We're all the same, you, me, him, her, all idols Is it real if you're good at rap and doodle with your pen That's no no We're different u know Yeah it's easy to kill hip hop But we're not the culprits, what i mean sh*t." Translation by!
But I forgive you BOBBY.
I'm so proud of you Ravi!!! He took that really well it made BOBBY look immature and out of line!
I think the song from Bobby came out a while ago but Ravi just uploaded this last night!!!
Oyyy boy band drama is the worst haha
@honeysoo ah, ok thanks for the info :)
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