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My name is Angie. I'm 21 and from Minnesota. I'm not very good at talking about myself XD So this will be short: I am a student in college who is indecisive about their major lol. I first got into kpop through BIGBANG ❤️ I listened to them on and off for years. But when I got to college I loved to procrastinate. So during this um, "free time" lol I would listen to music, watch movies/shows. (this is also how I got into kdramas lmao) i started looking at BigBang music videos and loved their music even more. They are just so amazing. Once you listen to kpop, you get sucked into a whole new world and there's no going back. My favorite boy group is obviously BigBang lol + Epik High (I am currently obsessed ❤️). Girl Group: 2ne1 ✨✨✨They are so freaking talented! My top five favorite songs. 1. T.O.P- Doom Dada Who doesn't love this song?! I was so excited when it first came out. The video was strange but I grew to love it lol 2. Epik High-Born Hater This song is fairly recent but I already love it and can't get enough. If you haven't listened to their album 'Shoebox' I encourage you to do so. Now. 3. Orange Caramel-Catallena You just can't listen to this song once. It's impossible. ❤️ 4. GD-That XX Man! This song. So sad. So beautiful. Lol Can i just insert the whole Coup d'Etat album as well? Lmao I love GD ❤️ 5. 2ne1-Missing You You fall in love with this song right at the beginning (: *Okay, five songs was clearly not enough. I'm a terrible person. Lol
Hello Angie it's lovely to meet you!! Yeah it had to be 5 songs only... so hard...TT TT. Lol I will put my introduction up soon and tag you!!!
Yeah I'm not sure if I can forgive you for forcing me to choose five songs :P (I'm kidding of course) I'll have mine up soon, it's nice to meet you Angie :)
@honeysoo Yes I have (:< They do no wrong
@jiggzy19 Hello! Thank you. I'll be waiting (:
@MattK95 Oh, you'll get over it XD Thank you (:
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