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which one is your favorite I honestly like the 2nd one better
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First one!
3 years ago·Reply
nothing beats original!
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While the 2nd one is good, the first one is a classic. Then there's the 3rd and 4th ones....we don't talk about those lol
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@TonyPajamas I do like the third one and the fourth one was ok they made a fifth one but I didn't bother with it lol
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It's tough for sequels to surpass the One that started it all. The first one is a classic no doubt but.. how they managed to pull off a second 'home alone' incident was carried flawlessly! With more laughs, traps, and warm heart... I think they nailed it (no pun intended) with this one! I personally enjoyed the bird woman side story over the shovel man. Additionally, their charming toy store is one that kids only *dream* about and was seriously beautifully done. It reignited the spirit of my precious childhood awe and wonders! That's priceless. So, the second one, hands down!
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