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The Second Project from IndoneZE:A’s Well, how long have you been a ZE:A’s? Have you been ever disappointed because Star Empire has screwed up promotion of ZE:A’s album? Have you had dreams or wishes that you really want the most from ZE:A? If your answer to all questions are yes, let’s join this project. I call this project as LETTERS TO STAR EMPIRE. There will be three parts in this project, they are: 1. Letters to President Shin Jok Hak Write your letters to the CEO of Star Empire: President Shin Jok Hak. Just write what are your mind but be polite, please! 2. Our Dreams Write what your dreams about ZE:A. What you really want about ZE:A. 3. Promotion Strategies: Some Ideas from ZE:A’s to Star Empire 4. Birthday Card to Junyoungi, Kevin and Dongjunie. If you want to join this project, send to: or posting on this fan page. Deadline : 31 JANUARY 2015 InshaAllah will be posted on youtube in 8 February 2015