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Imagine this: everything is different now. When it hit, things changed, and that meant that Christmas, too, changed. No more presents or carols to be given or sang. No more tinsel, stockings or poinsettias. It's different now.... So write about it! Respond to this prompt in the comments, or leave a link to your own card if you want to take it a little further! You can write a poem, creative piece, whatever you want! Just get writing. Happy Holidays!
There's nothing left but the cracking of ice to startle me. And, really, that's no longer startling either. Each crunching step I take, not needing to look around to locate Rich and his shoes that are crunch crunch crunching right along side mine...each step is harder than the last. They said we might find it here: they said, decades ago in books I don't remember well, that I could find it here. I have a vague memory of where to look, if only I can recognize anything under the feet of snow that have accumulated in the past decade. When I find what I'm looking for, my hear both shatters and sinks. The lonesome star, once sky high above the farm my grandfather raised on his own, no longer flies but tries to free itself from the ice clinging to its frame. "We're close," I whisper to rich. In the silence of our crunching boots, Rich pretends not to hear my sobs. And when we reach the top of the hill we have been climbing, and look out over the expanse that I hope might hold what we search, I croak out in disappointment. "They're gone. All the trees are dead." (Note: There is a large Christmas tree farm near my grandfathers house ^^)
When the waters had risen, the security at home had risen, too. We no longer brought in fresh pine trees from the North. Instead, the maids dusted and set up the same plastic tree each year. We no longer wandered the marketplace, looking for new ornaments from lands far and near. Instead, the maids dusted each ornament and handed it to me with care. When I dropped one, made of glass, and my mother began to weep, I didn't understand why. I asked the maids to buy us a new one. Finally, my father spoke. "She has to know," he said as he grasped my hand, and moved me to the doors of our balcony that I'd been commanded not to open three years before. "Things are different now, Lily." When the doors opened, I saw nothing but water in any direction. @greggr I kind of followed a similar style to @hikaymm in having someone searching for something they are missing, but rather than that thing being Chrsitmas in mine, Lily knows Christmas, but she doesn't know that there is no one left but them.
@hikaymm Wonderful! Spooky in the absence of everything but the hard snow beneath your feet.
@timeturnerjones Wow! It's good that you followed @hikaymm's example, I think you both hit on two different kinds of sad Christmas's in 2056. Great work!