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Idk what deg to get for the truks, 44 /50 I do street/ garage skating!
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absolutely right
3 years ago·Reply
I wouldn't suggest a tessy if you do street and garage skating it's more for free ride and downhill
3 years ago·Reply
I wouldn't ever suggest a tessy but good god especially with street skate. Youre bloody domed mate.
3 years ago·Reply
it works for any purpose u just gotta adapt your technique. I ride Paris 180s over a loaded tan tien
3 years ago·Reply
I skate a lot of street on my cal 44s and they kinda hold up. They grind quick due to that square shape, but it's hard to nose grind and 5-0 with the reverse kingpin. It's nice to 5050 a heavy wide truck though! I've had em for a month and I'm curious to see how long they'll last.
3 years ago·Reply