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By photographer Jon Garcia
My new zen location. Feel free to contact me...via message in a bottle.
@cherefulcallie Thanks for getting back to me. What you wrote would be valuable if you include it in the description. Many of us here are not familiar with 500px site. Greatly appreciate your effort.
@stargaze I attached the photographers link under the pic, I'm sorry but there's not a lot of info abt him except he's an IT specialist who loves nature and likes to travel. Under his "About", he listed several types of gear he uses but for this particular pic it didn't say. If you are familiar with that site 500px sometimes the photographer doesn't give a lot of info and often times they will either delete or add more pics over time....the best I can do is provide the source of the pics I post...I'm sorry, not exactly what you wanted to hear but I wanna believe he took this pic in Maldives?!
Nice picture! Is it possible to give us some background of the photographer or the camera he used to shoot this beautiful picture?