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In his self-directed music video for “Love Song," London O'Connor makes us a little uncomfortable and a little in awe by his ability to be completely honest in such an artistic form. The song is produced, written, and performed by London. The video tells the story of the morning after a house party. Informed by London’s complete lack of ability to date while growing up (his words, not mine!), the song and video makes for an accurate portrayal of "how difficult it can be to get the girl, as well as the insecurities and growing pains that come along with that first time." The description of the video reads: 'More about me: I was a virgin until about a couple months before I turned 21. My mom dated this military guy and he cheated on her. About a week later, I wrote this song. This song is about romance.' Check out his interview with Mass Appeal, and give him lots of love! I was lucky enough to go to high school with London, and while we only knew each other in French Club or through mutual friends, he is one of those people that radiates good vibes and really inspired me to express myself in any way shape or form that I felt I could.