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Skydiving into the Blue Hole

Exiting from 113,500 feet into beautiful weather conditions. These jumpers are 60 miles from any land. Exit from 13,500 feet in PERFECT weather conditions This is a once in a lifetime jump for these skydivers! The Great Blue Hole is miraculous. A stunning circular jewel in the middle of the ocean surrounded by countless coral reefs. It measures 1000 feet across and 400 feet deep. This ocean-floor limestone sinkhole is the world's deepest sinkhole ever found. Atolls, such as the Lighthouse Reef atoll found here, are large, fairly shallow lagoon surrounded by coral reefs. Only four known true atolls exist in the Western Hemisphere, three of which reside in Belize!
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Love It Or Hate It: Would You Ever Skydive?
Welcome to the Funny Community game, Love It Or Hate It! This game is really similar to Monday's 'No Good or So Good' food game - except this one deals a lot more with non-food things. Every week, I highlight a different thing that a lot of people either really love or really hate and see how our community feels overall! Last week, I asked you how you felt about EDM! Out of the 48 who gave your opinion, 25 of you said EDM is just 'meh'. Soooo... EDM has been voted to be NO GOOD!!!!! This week, I want to know: How do you feel about skydiving? Some of us can totally keep our chill when it comes to heights. Others - like Miley Cyrus, here - can definitely not. Which category do you, uh, 'fall' into? Is skydiving something you'd LOVE or absolutely HATE to do? @Inaritricx @Taijiotter @AimeeH @XergaB20 @JustinaNguyen @RainaC3 @bnrenchilada @destiny1419 @arnelli @Luci546 @Ash2424701 @GingerMJones @zwdodds @LenaBlackRose @misssukyi @TerraToyaSi @kneelb4zod @BrookeStam @RachelParker @JaxomB @ultraninja10 @reyestiny93 @MattK95 @MajahnNelson @petname83 @BluBear07 @melifluosmelodi @ZoilaObregon @GossamoKewen95 @TracyLynnn @TiffanyWallace @VixenViVi @DenieceSuit @ButterflyBlu @CelinaGonzalez @MaighdlinS @maddiemoozer @VeronicaArtino @iixel @TomHawthorne @DominiqueThomas @ElizabethT @RiggaFoster @AluSparklez @kvnguyen @chris98vamg @WiviDemol @animechild51 @2Distracted @cthulu @jazziejazz @JessicaChaney @shantalcamara @J1mbleJ4mz @Beeplzzz @carmaa10 @MayraYanez @Kamiamon @HeatherWright @MischiefK1ng @SeoInHan @ShonA @KennyMcCormick @MooshieBay @IMNII @Ikpoper @humairaa @merryjayne13 @zoemvillarreal @lilleonz @ChristinaOMalle @AllieGrabowski @baileykayleen @KarleyFrance @Ticasensei @EasternShell @musicundefined9 @peahyr @TerrecaRiley @MoisEsGaray @atmi @AlidaGarman @sanRico @orenshani7 @jannatd93 @ReadAnimateSwim @Astrohelix @dimplequeen @ChildofSparda13 @grapetoes2000 @sarahpjane @LittleHorn @justinasarmento @deilig @GalaxyTacoCat @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @Jason41 @kpopdeluxegirl @BlackDragon88 @Bobs @paularasnick @Animaniafreak @YumiMiyazaki @Patmanmeow @MarvelTrashcan @kawaiiporpoise @Xiuyeolhyun @MaggieHolm @xDaisyDaysx @yaakattackk @Starbell808 @KyleBerke @fatimajj23 @GabrielMarques @Alletaire @kkimberlyy @Priscillasdoor @chrisg3584 @brandontearss @bradleygialamas @justme29 @buddyesd @changoleon @Sara3 @felicityautumn @ssora @MorghanPorter @IzamarPalomo @realjoy @Heartofgold35 @mscocoasupreme @MyFunkySpell @ChakiahWallace @Krystalstar22 @KarlythePanda66 @JoeyNelson @TonyLepera @dianes6711 @Aripendragon @MichelleHolly @AviannaLin @seouls @AustinThurston @Sammyjuicoooo @divanicola05 @RavenQueen0810 @captpeter @Kourtland @Tsukasakrdcd @MistyTaylorByrd @MariPili @TylerCassalata @SarahRegulski @Melodicballoon @heyitskat @KellerBertrand @jiggzy19 @gogglesghost @BanalataBera @JayAi @mpandy @Gibbous1992 @Kody18 @ctsr1 @iamaweirdoo @Jasminep96 @CynthiaForeman @MzDawson31508 @MundaneGirl @DeniseNishikawa @lvplus2 @YourConscience @Bose @wrightally15 @jla23 @tiffany1922 @bettytolliver @Pocahontas41 @Dojjin @MelissaGarza @donmarques6 @VanessaAcosta @HollasiS @karlkahambwe @LexTrilly @HikariAkuhei @xander1981 @LinnyOk @colvitt @Isolate @Birdy915 @Nerdydemigod @na11 @CristalTrujillo @camilletoomer @selfishmachines
97% vs 3%
Society is divided up between two categories. There's the 97% and the 3%. The 97% are the average people. They work 9-5 jobs, focused too much on their education, don't think outside the box, and simply quit on themselves and their goals (if they had any significantly big ones). Yes, some people chose to be a part of that percentile and that's ok because it's their choice. They wanted it to be easy. But for those who complain about it have no right to. They may be thinking "I work 8 hours a day. I deserve better and should be living a better life." In reality they don't. They knew what they were getting themselves into and what the rest of their life would be like. They have made their choice a have given up on what could have been, for them, a life full of rewards and luxury. They decide to see the obvious instead of what's further ahead, and when they see the obvious, they hurt themselves more by looking at it through one perspective. These are the people who have simply said "I will do my part in society no matter the cost." Education plays a huge factor in your destiny. Some dream jobs do require an advanced education. When this is present, education is ok to take part in for it is needed to achieve a dream. For jobs that don't require education, you simply are spending $100,000 to people who will never know your name. The 3% of people in society are the people who put themselves away from society. They're the entrepreneurs in this world, the people loaded with confidence, they ignore what people say, etc. These people realized they have so much potential in their life and they take the opportunity even when it's not present. To be where they are they took the risks and sacrifices and understood what outcomes could come. Every penny they've ever made was put into what they believed in even if it was a dream or goal so big it scared them. Fear is not present in these people. They realized the only thing that could really stop them was fear therefore they learned to overcome it. No matter the criticism they received, negative comments they've been told, or even simply being told "you can't do it." 24 hours was not enough for them to get what they needed done so they would put in a full 24 hours of work. Now, depending on who they are and their stories, they could have had an easy start or challenging one. Some entrepreneurs were lucky enough to have a family member who already started the business or gave a startup of $1,000,000. But some start with nothing but a dollar and a vision. One feels much more rewarding than the other and causes them to have a bigger appreciation for what they have and have done. The 3% are always hungry no matter what they have. They will not stop until they have what they want. There are many quotes for these people but the quote posted best describes them. So now that you know a little about the two sides of society, which one will you choose? Are you happy with where you stand? Or do you want better? It's never too late to change or start. All it takes is confidence, hard work, and a drive strong enough that you constantly think "I can't quit now." Keep pushing towards what you want and stop at nothing. Have a good day guys, Kyler
Skydiving Facts: Is It Safe To Skydive In India?
For diving people, diving in India has always been a challenge. There are many types of parachute lessons in India. The tandem jump is the biggest course you can take and the easiest. Yo ur progress will be confirmed and you will see the parachute where the instructor and you are using the same parachute, so you do not need a lot of instructions. Paralysis is new in India and can occur in some areas of training and experience. More interesting information about parachutes, how t o avoid pain while parachuting, why you should not run away from a parachute, more information about parachutes can be found here. MUST VISIT:- 1. Parachute Tips: Can you shoot in water? When wet, soak in water. Clouds can be a driving force in rain and wind. The climate should be good and windless for safety. Despite the danger, tough paratroopers will try to jump from a parachute into the water. Fascinating stories about flying in the sky, most people turning the sky is a fun activity. 2. Were you wet when you fell in the cloud? Walking in the clouds during sky diving in India or elsewhere gets wet. Clouds are the main mist of water. They have a small pile. When it rains, you feel warm, and when you jump through the water, the drops make you wet. On a normally cloudy and rainy day you are less likely to get wet. Some people get tired of the water. 3. How long does a single jump last? There are different levels of attributes. A 200-foot double jump can take a few seconds to fall, an altitude of 10,000 feet can take up to 30 seconds, and an altitude of 414,000 feet - about a minute. The weight is heavy with each free fall. If you are in India, you need to dress well as the weather is hot. Avoid jeans and synthetic clothing. 4. Can you face a parachute shortage in India? The sky is the limit. This is an indication that you will have to shoot when you go to India. The day before you make a parachute, do not eat fat or drink alcohol. Eat light meals at night and keep warm. You can see the concept if you can jump from a parachute to prevent a parachute from flying. 5. How often do people die from nebulizers? The bucket is safe when used properly. An interesting fact from the parachute is that the mortality rate from the parachute is about 0.0007%. Life-threatening deaths occur when safety is not taken care of without following the instructions. The risk of dying with a parachute is 1 in 1 million. A bucket is easier than a bunky jump. But on the contrary, to do so depends on the safety of the human soul. 6. What are the benefits of professional abusers? A professional coach earns $ 20 to $ 40 per bag. If a professional trainer produces more than 500 bags per year, he is likely to earn $ 20,000 per year. Sky diving in India is an instant business where you can learn sports by following the advice of experts. 7. At what age do you get paralysis? At the age of 18, the recommendations of parents and guardians are not required. Parents should supervise those between the ages of 16 and 18. For beginners of double jump of all ages it is recommended to start the exercises from a height of 200 meters, this is the best start. Sky diving seems to be a popular sport in India. 8. Do you need a skydive solo license? You will need 7 SAF Genetic AFF Parachute Certification Points. Sky diving has started in India and a permanent certificate has not yet been established. Enjoy the fun and start parachuting up the hill to get there. READ MORE:-