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The short film named "End of the Line" is made by the community supporting the free to play Steam created game Team Fortress 2. It truly is amazing that a community that supports this game has created something so far abstracted from the original comedic first-person-shooter that the game really is. "Do you like trains? Do you like red and blue teams that hate each other? Do you like the smell of burnt rubber ducks on a fine winter day? Well you’ve come to the right place! A year in the making, the End of the Line Team is proud to finally present our short film END of the LINE, an action packed cinematic romp full of comedy action, romance action*, drama action, and actioney-type action. And that’s just the part you watch... ‘cause guess what - there are more parts! What update would be complete without some STUFF? We’ve got hats, some hat-like body coverings, a couple of unusual effects, a taunt and a new weapon. So welcome aboard. We hope you enjoy the ride."
What an awesome project! It's just astounding to me how much energy, creativity and all-out EFFORT can come from a community that rallies around something they love. This is so cool - thanks for sharing!
I love this, so much. That was such a great story and so well told. Humor, sadness, tension, and fear all wrapped together beautifully. Now here's to hoping Pixar (or a company like it) notices these guys and lets them produce a real movie! I'd watch!