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We fall in to forms like parasites Poking and probing In to unsightly things Sometimes in to our own selves. We fall in to forms like parasites Hunting after rotting flesh and diseased bones Blind and unknowing of our beastly tendencies That tend to infect the well being of each other Some of us are so sick we destroy our own well being Acting so savage and careless Selfish creature... You dance like dead limbs bound by strings Being controlled by other things We fall into forms like parasites Burrow our way in to arteries Instead of clinging to the faith of our Gods We fall in to forms like parasites Creating a new home full of the rotting flesh and diseased bones Until we eat in to our own overindulged selves Savage creature... We are recognized by the scars on our skin and the stitches that close our eyes. We fall into forms like parasites Devour our own souls We will die without light Rest in peace We will be the dirt's delight We die in the forms of parasites.
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very gothic.. Halloween must be a great time for you ha.. what inspires that mind hmm your good ha..
i actually don't care for Halloween. not a big interest of mine
Wow this is wonderful. I didn't think so much about halloween but about our dark sides, and what we wish we didn't have to acknowledge about ourselves.
Yes :) or the dark sides in others. our friends or family. some may be addicts that we have to deal with. who try to steal from us and use us. it could be anyone. I left it vague enough for people to put their own personal meaning behind it. weather it means relating this to themselves or their husband/wife, etc.
@KaitlynnJanae That's great. I definitely felt it on a few different levels, about a few different situations, so I think you accomplished your goal well!