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Even before the Niners and Raiders played, The Sideline View's John Middlekauff asked five NFL executives and quarterback coaches their preference going forward between Kaepernick and Carr. Carr was the unanimous choice despite lacking big game experience and accolades. Many in the league are questioning whether NFL teams can be successful with running read-option backs. The Niners haven't changed their usage of Kaepernick much, but teams around the league are starting to figure him out. Same goes for RG3 who has flopped in the league this year and also Cam Newton has taken a beating. The Niners however are unlikely to move on from Kaepernick who they signed to a mega contract. League sources are saying that the Niners will try to obtain a Head Coach who has had success with an athletic running QB. I agree that it is way too early to give up on Kaep. While Harbaugh has done his best to set up Kaepernick for success, their OC Roman has been figured out and they need something new. We will have to wait till the offseason rolls along but this seems like it will be a major offseason for the Niners.
From the games I've seen this season, Kaepernick has looked terrible. I don't understand what happened
Kaepernick is all talk and no walk. He thought he was all good after those first 2 seasons but nah that guy is trash. He can't back it up with his play, Niners should draft their next QB next year.
I don't think if it matters you are a running QB or not. What matters more is accuracy and Kaepernick doesn't seem to have it when it matters most. Same goes for RG3 and anyone else. I don't see anyone bagging Russel Wilson because that guy makes the throws he needs to.