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Punishment is a very blunt instrument. If it was an effective mean for making people obey the law then crime would be long gone, wouldn't it? The problem is that threatening people with punishment make them focus on avoiding it, and not on actually acting in a responsible manner. So by itself, punishment is not enough to ensure justice or public safety. And yet, a proper judicial and penal system is not completely unnecessary as some suggest. The main reason for that, I believe, is that most people will react with disproportionate retaliation, if they would feel that they've been hurt by someone who may avoid what they perceive as a proper punishment. So it is obvious that a functioning law enforcement system is a necessary part of any just and viable society, but there is something else that is needed, and that is forgiveness. After criminals were properly punished and paid their moral death, we must accept them back to society and help them rehabilitate. Otherwise, whats the point in all the resources and effort we invest in our law enforcement system if we end up again with endless revenge?
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@goyo, the question is when do we tag someone as a "shop lifter", only when he repeatedly steels from shops or even when he did it only once?
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@orenshani7 Yeah that is a good point. What do you do with someone who was a repeated shoplifter in his early years though?
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The key is to become a society that has the capability to forget. Currently, we are a society out for vengeance at all costs. :-(
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@linbur0100 An eye for an eye. So many these days believe that we no longer abide by this, but even I was told this! I was basically told, if someone picks a fight with you, fight back... How is that advice to fix something? If I was told that as a kid, how can we expect kids to grow up to be forgiving?
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Agree with you
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