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Have you ever asked a friend to call you to wake you up? Well, now there's an app for that. Except now, strangers are calling you. I'm not sure how much I like the idea. It's friendly and completely safe (no phone numbers are exchanged), in case you were wondering. Strangers call you to wake you up and you can wake up strangers. Looks like even the simplest concepts are become social! What are your thoughts on this? Would you use it? Do you think you would wake up more quickly if you used this? I press snooze so much, I might be hopeless. Check out the app: Android: iOS: Windows:
to be fair, they've done several updates since then, so it's likely they've fixed the glitches. and it was only the people who put their phone in do not disturb without adding Wakie to the exception list where it went to voice mail right away, and of course their message also had to include their phone number. but still, I'm nervous about it now...
@linbur0100, It might be because many users have been signing up and using the app lately. I'm sure they must be working on these bugs. I personally have not tried it yet, so I'm thinking about waiting a while now
I tried this out a while ago, and there were some glitches that actually DID result in phone numbers being exposed. Plus, too many people didn't allow the call to come through so it ended up in voice mail where you could hear the real name and often the number of the person you were supposed to wake up. I love the idea, but still have too many safety concerns at the moment
@linbur0100 WOAH. No way am I doing this then. I don't want strangers to have my number.