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Making your website mobile friendly should be on the top of the list for web designers and developers because most users are now accessing websites with their mobile phones. Google will now start labeling websites as "Mobile Friendly" in their search results. This is good news for mobile users and a sign for web designers that they need to make their website mobile friendly. If your website isn't responsive already, it looks like you will have to look into that. What are your thoughts on this? Is this a good decision? I happen to like the idea.
Hallelujah! I wish more companies would realize how important a good mobile site is... BTW, that does NOT mean automatically redirecting me to a non-full featured mobile version of their site. That means designing a good responsive website that will adapt regardless of what platform its viewed on...
@linbur0100 Yes I agree, I get so frustrated when a website can't even be accessed because they still use flash :/ Everything is mobile nowadays, so developers should make their products mobile-friendly.