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Don't really do nail art as much as I used to because it's so time consuming. Does anyone else have time consuming hobbies? I draw read do nail art watch kdramas The days go by so fast lol
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@Aero2042 I will try to recreate it and post a pictorial (:
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@stargaze Yes, I am fairly new to Vingle and am still learning my way through it but so far everyone is so kind (: I don't have photoshop anymore but I totally miss it. Have you used Illustrator? That program is great as well but if you started out with photoshop it'll be so frustrating lol
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@abbxo I know what you mean! The people is the reason why I love this community. And I do use illustrator. I actually used adobe inDesign a lot at work to build magazine layouts.
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@stargaze Totally. I have even strayed from other social media (: I used it more to make portraits and characters, things. I really lack patience but take so much time when I do things like that.
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@aabxo I understand. We'll all be here when you decide to share your work. We got time. :)
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