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This is minutes from my house. I was just there this summer, just driving though, when I get my downhill board set up I'm going back. Some of those runs are really short before you hit those hairpin turns. If I still have photos from the drive in my phone I will post em.
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it's in the middle of nowhere
@drlizardo camping trip plus Longboarding.
actually Hippie Jacks is close by and they have a campground and Jammin'at Hippie Jacks is a music festival that happens every year and they have concerts out there throughout the spring/summer/fall pretty sure they film their PBS show out there too. @RichardSchafer people show up and stay all week for the festival
I'm visiting a friend who lives on old grimsley road and I didn't know about this we should skate this when I come there @drlizardo I'm coming in the spring
small world eh? Grimsley is just the other side of this @AndrewVollmar