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....coffee! How about you all? I find myself fine with one cup a day, but also completely content to enjoy 3 or 4 more. For me, it's not the caffeine, but the experience of having an extra cup or four. What do you find yourself enjoying everyday?
I normally enjoy 2 to 3 cups a day but since I like the whole coffee house experience those days when I visit one of my favorite coffee house's I will up my daily intake a few more cups.
No more than 2 cups a day for me although I really try to keep it at one. I dont want to get too hooked on the stuff
If Im drinking coffee its gonna be an all day thing so 8 to 10 cups. Part I love the roasts, part I need caffeine.
@LexParkerJr Likewise! I don't usually make myself more 3, but I will sometimes buy more. @EightyNine I like to think I'm not hooked quite yet. @SteveLee772 Hello, fellow coffee lover :)