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I'm curious to hear what other people think.. I think its awesome, but I'm stuck. 1) my mom doesn't get why they're so special. 2) what box would I even get?! 3) how long would this event even last? 4)how would I convince my mom that this is worth it? she thinks that they make it look cool and then all you get is shit. (that's literally what she said) -.- 5) oh wait I'm broke.
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Idk what parents yall got (no offense) but mine are fuckin hyped about it! And just find some unwrapping/unboxing vids like @DanielSpazJames said, or go on the Landyachtz Instagram page cause somebody won a prophecy! And get the $150, (it's the best deal) but if you can't get the $100 cause thats ALMOST as good
Board $100 give or take + trucks around $50 + wheels $40 to $50 + random cool stuff = definitely worth the $150
yeah like to see where my money is going so I'm not a fan lol
@drlizardo check out the new card I just posted.