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1)Boys Over Flowers First Ever Korean Drama I watched and I am totally obsessed over this one. This drama has everything, one of the legendary korean dramas. 2)City Hunter This one was enough 4 me to become a crazy huge fan of Lee min ho he is the best. This is by far the best korean action drama ever made , with an amazing story. 3)IRIS This was the first korean show that actually made me cry, this one is the 2nd best action thriller , the story take many twist and turns. And in the whole you will be wondering because the suspense is killing. This one did it 4 me to become a huge fan of korean dramas. 4)Rooftop Prince The best korean comedy dramas ever made.I laughed so much in this one. But I will also say the actual story is rally sad, its really amazing how the were able to add comedy in a sad plot. 5)Secret Garden This show is the best with a great love story and also a great twist in the show and not to meant Ha Ji won is superb as a stunt woman . Her action scenes are Mindblowing. 6)Personal Taste. This is my Friends first ever Korean Drama, to me this one was my 4th one I guess. I completely love this one , comedy and a sweet love love story. 7)I Miss you The first korean Melodrama I ever saw , The story is really tragic and sad but definitely well conducted, the acting is the best. I fell in love wit all the actors of this one. But this surely is a sad one. But each episode is comes with a twist which in itself makes you watch it till the end. 8) Dream High One of the best Korean Musical shows ever made. This show introduced me too kpop. I was able to open to kpop from this one , the music is the best in Dream high, as well as the story also the friendship between all characters. 9)A gentleman Dignity I really Enjoyed this one , the story of adults, their relationships , love their failures, mishaps and friendship the best part. 10) High School 2013 I must say I love dis and highly recommend dis one . This one shows an amazing depiction of friendship between teens and adults, must watch definitely one of the best school korean shows ever made. Actually It was really hard for me to pick 10 korean dramas because I have watched so many I loved. I had a hard time putting the ones I love in the list. It might be too much 4 some of you but I really want to add some more. Full house Nice Guy Heartstrings To the Beautiful you Goong these are the ones I love to and I will recommend these. So this is my Never ending list lol , I was crazy in love with korean dramas ,But Currently I am watching a taiwanese drama and its a lot of fun. And thats about it I hope you all like my list . I do not own these videos.
@sherrysahar about Faith ending, i agree with u
@cherryred actually i love him in faith but just to me i think i love him in city hunter more i will put faith in my list only if ending made somewhat of sense to me lol but definitely love nd admire his acting nd his role soooo much i would say anyone who loves fantasy must check out faith but just ignore the end lol :P
i'll add too : Faith, for me it was the best character that LMH have ever played
If I had to think about ny own top 10 I think it would be: 1. Coffee Prince 2. I Can Hear Your Voice 3. Let's Eat 4. Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 5. Flower Boy Next Door 6. Master's Sun 7. Secret Love Affair 8. To the Beautiful You 9. The Suspicious Housekeeper 10. I Need Romance 3 Honorable Mentions Nail Shop Paris-So happy to see a drama where the second lead got the girl. I found as I did my own list this really barely covers the dramas I've watched at least in Korean. Tons more in Japanese and Taiwanese. Recently started liking Hong Kong dramas too. @sherrysahar Thanks for sharing your list!
Oh my god, Rooftop Prince was so hilarious! That was the first drama that I really fell in love with the supporting characters - they were so funny!
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