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Bossa Nova, Acquarello by Gabrielle Chiararo in my ears. It is so smooth and relaxing, and the best music to listen in metro. My eyes are closed, so I can feel more comfortable until the Santa Cruz station. When my friends called for a dinner, I thought “why not?” It is always better than cooking alone. Being with the people I love, with some wine, maybe some joint; but the most important is, having one of those great conversations. How can I miss them in just two days? Suddenly the train started to tilt and shake. While trying to hold the poles, I saw the old lady fell down and rolled to the door. I can hear the breaks and see the sparks in each side from the windows. I hope the operator can stop the train before careen of the rails. A girl dropped her M&Ms and they started to spread all over the train. I want to eat one of them. Train stopped with a huge crash. Now, all the candies are in the front of the train with all other people. I think I hit my forehead. I can smell my blood. The last time I smelt this, I was dancing with a girl in a 80s party and she had needed four stitches to her eyebrow. I need to be calm and think. Is this an earthquake? No, this is the worst place to be caught by an earthquake. But, if this is an earthquake, I need to leave this trap as soon as possible before the aftershock. How about my friends? Are they fine? Her home is in 6th floor. And I know that buildings in Brazil are not earthquake resistant. I need to reach them. If I can be quick enough, I can help or save them. I need to get out of here.
This seems like a story you dont want to be true and hope it isnt but the personal detail makes me believe it is real.
This feels very, very real! Like Kaitlynn I'd love to know if this is fiction, non-fiction, or a creative blend of both :)
I hope this is not real...i'm afraid now to use the tram!
@KaitlynnJanae @timeturnerjones @catherindalfons part 2 will come next week, because i need to make some research in the neighborhood for the escape. it should be realistic
@OmerTurco Great, looking forward to iit!