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On my way to work this morning my Tan Tien arrived but I waited until afterwards to open her up! THANK YOU @mikerosa92 @steezus @BenKaplan ¡MUCHOS FUCKING GRACIAS!!! now for the classic umboxing ceremony :3 1.) THE BOX 2.) Safely Cutting open the box Deadpool style xD (inspired by @steezus) 3.) Stickers Brahh! 4.) Wheelbase Magazine nigglet! 5.) THE NEW BAE 6.) NEW BAE FLIPPED OVER ;) 7.) Mirror selfie with Bae 8.) My signature bedtime selfie with bae
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*supper hug*
3 years ago·Reply
Dude, the knives in the third picture cracked me up. Glad you got the board!
3 years ago·Reply
love restored @filirican *giant omega Godzilla destructo hug*
3 years ago·Reply
I'm hurt @filirican that cuts deeper than those knives ever could *sad hugs 4 dayz*
3 years ago·Reply
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