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2012 Infiniti IPL Coupe

Photography can be a tool for many different purposes. Commercial photography - especially product photography; can be utilized for technical and instructional diagrams or more commonly for marketing and advertising. Car photography presents many complex challenges. Controlling light, reflections and shadows on a large object with multiple reflective surfaces such as a car, can require a lot of patience and often a fair amount of work in post production. I shot photos of my car in the Mojave Desert as part of a promotional/marketing shoot for the Infiniti Dealership I purchased it from. On that note... I went by my Infiniti dealer to check out a new Q50s - and I learned that Infiniti has discontinued the IPL Coupe. I'm so bummed. I've owned a dozen performance sports cars and this IPL has been my favorite. 348hp stock, mine is pushing 360hp - due to some mods... the size, weight, handling, and 7 speed transmission... it's the right mix of agility, speed, luxury, and it surprisingly gets around 25 miles per gallon - with my normal driving/commute. Highway/freeway can boost me to nearly 30mpg. I'm sad that Infiniti/Nissan did away with what was the 2nd most powerful sports car behind the GTR. I made the decision that I am going to keep my IPL. which means that instead of trading my IPL in on another or for the Q50S... I can't get a new IPL... so I'll have to add the Q50S.
I have done a few shoots involving cars myself and I totally agree that lighting is the key. Like you said the large reflective surface will pick up a lot and it's hard to control!
You are better off keeping that beauty! Was one of the cars I wanted growing up. Im jealous
@jonpatrickhyde you're right. I was thinking of the g35 haha.
@EightyNine - I need two cars... well. Need is an exaggeration. I love sports cars. But I do need a 4 - door for business purposes - I sometimes need to pick up clients or talent, and I need to be able to carry a fair amount of equipment. The IPL is for sure a keeper. BTW - you can't be that old since the IPL Coupe was introduced in 2011 and only made for 4 years (2011-2014). Unless you are talking about the G35/G37 - Which are similar. @dillonk - Yes! Cars are very difficult to shoot. I've been on desert shoots where the only way to cut the sunlight and control the shadows was to suspend a 40 ft by 40 ft silk, suspended from a crane, above the car.
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