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Chances are you've seen this family before! They became well known a few years back for their first "pajamas" Christmas video, and then started making a lot of funny parody videos as a family! This year is no exception :) In traditional Christmas card style, this video gives a recap of what each member of the family has been doing recently, and why they're happy for the holidays to be starting! This is such a great way for them to make a funny video, while also genuinely having a really great time together. So, next time your family can't decide what to write for a Christmas card, try making this :) In an interview with Mashable, Penn and Kim (the parents) also gave a really fun overview of the best part of doing this videos: "Penn: Those unscripted moments where your kids do something really funny. (Kim) The kids really get into the process. Our whole family is engaged and has a common goal. It keeps them from staring at screens." I've also included a few of their other videos, because i just love them!!! They really know how to have fun as a family, while still making very cool videos. Don't miss the second video--it's full of funny outtakes!!
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