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It's time to visit Pluto! Okay, well, humans might not be going there, but we're going to try to learn more about the solar system, and also of leftovers from the beginning of the solar system! New Horizons, the spacecraft headed to Pluto's area, is the size of a baby grand piano, and the little craft has taken 9 years to get to its current location, even while moving so quickly! New Horizons has been in hibernation for a long time (8 years, to be precise) to conserve fuel, but has successfully been woken now that it is getting closer to its final destination. It will reach Pluto in July of 2015, and beyond taking photos of Pluto, nothing else is really decided, because it's not clear what it will find there. It won't be able to get into orbit or stop there, however, because that would take up too much fuel! To learn more about this amazing mission, check out the documentary I have attached. It gives an overview of what was planned, though it lacks the more recent developments. It's exciting to see what else we will get to learn about our solar system through this mission.
@hikaymm. ^^^^^
Exactly right. Also, humans must keep the flame of inquisitive curiosity burning brightly deep inside... Without it, it would be a sinister world.
@Galacticoddysey Yes, precisely! Without it, anyways, what is there to strive for?
@Galacticoddysey Yeah! I think someday, that won't be the case for many people, but for now, we have to have patience and a good imagination, I guess!
I know! @hikamn Also, another thing that kinda bugs me is that space is so far away...I Wish it was more accessible.
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