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where were you when I needed you most, two best friends since birth split apart by the two different lives we lived. but we're still best friends you say? No calls no texts no visits just the occasional hey how's it going as if we are trying to fix a stone wall that has been torn down, with tape. my whole life I fought this battle thinking you had my back and I had yours when really you've been stabbing me there. I look back now to realize you've done nothing but criticize me and talk me down like I was trash and I guarantee your saying that I'm stupid for saying that but its true. you were supposed to be my rope and I yours there to catch Eachother if we were to fall and to hang in there for Eachother how was I the one to know that's yours would break under so little pressure? but don't fret if your ever to fall I'll still be here to catch you, to hold you up above the flames of the people who have nobody to catch them because,.... because that's what best friends do