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Learning how to present yourself professionally at the workplace is important. I am not a makeup artist but I have a basic idea of what makeup style is appropriate for work and what is not. The image you want to give to your co-worker and customer is you're kind, reliable, confident and professional. Here's how to achieve this look. Go for Soft Shades Avoid distracting dark tones and opt for lighter ones such as beige, soft pink and light brown. It will brighten your complexion and create a nice natural look when you do the same for lipstick and blush shades. Less is More You don't have to use every makeup product. Just touch up on the problem areas and you're good to go. You don't want to look pale and cakey. Invest in a Good Mascara Work hours are long and you don't want your eye makeup to smudge in the middle of the day. Go for a waterproof or long-wear mascara to avoid this scenario. No Shimmer Please Ditch all your bronzers, blushes and eyeshadows that have shimmer! Glittering makeup can be really distractive and make everyone not pay attention to what you say but to how you look.
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This is also a perfect everyday makeup routine for college students!