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I'm pretty sure this tracklist just gets sadder and sadder, ending with one of the most gut-wrenching kpop songs I can think of: Jaejoong's All Alone. I tried to attach all the versions with english translations so that everyone can see just how sad some of these songs are. Kpop is so much more than catchy choruses and cute dances. Hyorin & Jooyoung - Erase GD and Jennie Kim - Black Lee Hi - Because Epik High - Umbrella Winner - Color Ring Geeks - Wash Away Sunggyu - 41 Days Jaejoong - All Alone
jaejoong always awesome
Thanks for you I don't know epik high before but they r so cool new group add to my list
like that the videos have lyrics :)
Great list here @callmekaren added to the collection, you've also got a song on yours that I'm using for mine ^^ I'm not stealing, I've already put mine together I just haven't posted it XD
Forgot to tag @MattK95 :)
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