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Advice to help you with your creative writing/poetry: *I wanted to share this for all of the other writers posting on here and for the writers who just write personally. I would also like to ask other users to share their own advice I can add here for others and for myself! Al advice is welcome!!* ** I'd also like to note that, being dyslexic,  I am not the best speller so everyone do not feel embarrassed about mistakes! :) - Write about what interests you. The best writing comes from people who are passionate about the idea. - Spell check & grammar check: Make sure your piece has no errors. Grammar and spelling errors can easily detract from the quality of the piece, especially if the piece doesn't make sense grammatically. This is the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit. However, most of us aren't English majors and do not know all of the possible grammatical rules. Just try your best to make sense. Some pieces do not follow certain rules and that actually enhances the piece. But in general try to write for understanding. - Do not force yourself to finish a piece just because the piece needs finished. You may start writing a piece with great momentum and as the piece goes on that momentum may fade. Try giving yourself some time to get that momentum back. Your piece will sound more natural and appealing and less forced and rushed. - Write about subjects that are outside of your comfort zone. This will challenge you as a writer. In my experience, creative writing pieces and poems about love, relationships, death, and  inspiration are the most popular and relatable among readers. I encourage everyone to write at least one piece in their life time about these subjects but I also encourage everyone to write about subjects of personal interest. They may not be the most popular to everyone else but they can be extremely meaningful to a particular individual and can be some of your own favorite personal works. - Experiment with different writing styles. There are poems that rhyme, tell a story, are very short, very long, very descriptive, vague, abstract, specific, dark, light, etc. Not all poems need to rhyme to be powerful. Some people use typography and sentence position to enhance their pieces or certain phrases within the piece. Don't be afraid to try something unique and new. People like that.
I'm really impressed! This is great advice for writers at any stage - thank you for sharing this!
I really love the idea of experimenting! I'm always trying to push myself to write in a new way, though I'm definitely not always successful!
Good and clear advice.
This is seriously great advice!! Thanks for sharing :) I really, really agree with all of these, especially the idea to NOT force yourself to keep writing if it isn't working! Write sure, but don't feel like you have to finish or it hsa to be perfect in one go